March 16, 2015

Moss Landing: Dolphin Extravaganza

Every year I try to go on a whale watching trip. Fortunately, humpback whales are making a comeback, and they sometimes hang out in Monterey Bay. When I suggest going out, my kids tend to give me the "eyeroll". This is understandable given boat rides can be really boring with  no guarantees of a sighting. But I dragged the family along in hopes of a marine mammal encounter. The journey did not disappoint! Aside from seeing about 7-8 humpback whales, we also came across several hundred dolphins swimming along with the boat. For a good 10 minutes, everywhere you looked, you could see dolphins jumping out of the water. My amateur footage does not give it justice, but maybe you get the idea if you click the video. 

Moss Landing is an interesting, quirky little town. There were a few restaurants, and industrial and research based harbor, plus a few art galleries, shops, and even a Shakespeare Society! With overfishing, ocean pollution, and climate change, times are getting tough for ocean life. Several dead sea lions were seen along the harbor shores. So I figure every chance we get to see our oceans leaping with life, it's a good thing. 

Thank you Sanctuary Cruises for the experience. 


Mama Munchkins said...

What an awesome experience!!

Mama Munchkins said...

Wow... what an amazing experience!!