April 1, 2015


Stamp Block Printing

Watercolor Techniques

New craft products from Scotch

Polymer clay jewelry

Watercolor "en plein air"

Machine embroidery (see my soda koozie?)

There were so many little things that made #Craftcation15 a big deal. This annual crafting conference in Ventura (CA) was a utopia for hobbyists and professionals alike. Nested on the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel, Craftcation instructors led workshops on art techniques covering water color, mixed media, jewelry making and much more. Thanks to Craftcation, I learned how to mix watercolors, make my own stamps, mold custom jewelry, and sew on a Bernina sewing machine. As a side benefit, I even learned how to network on Instagram! The crafting community is a pure delight, and I'm already looking forward to next year, or a year I can attend with my daughters.


Unknown said...

Hi Lorraine!
Thank you so much for shouting out about Craftcation and the kind words! We look forward to seeing you again next year and hopefully meeting your daughters one day :)

Lorraine Akemann said...

Oh how cool for you to visit my blog Nicole. Thanks for stopping by, and for making an awesome event for folks to connect.