August 2, 2010

Preparing for BlogHer 10

It's almost time to pack up the suitcase and head to BlogHer10 in New York City. I was pleasantly satisfied with everything I learned from BlogHer09, and expect the conference to be even more enriching this year. Most bloggers are lively, connected, entrepreneurial people (and being amidst 2000 of them can be quite an experience). If you are attending for the first time, here are some tips to help the conference run smoothly.
  1. Don't forget to bring the conference pass BlogHer mailed to you in advance.
  2. Make sure your blog is tidy and up to date. Many people who meet you might pay a visit to your blog. What is the first post you want them to see?
  3. Wear comfortable clothes that help you feel confident and at ease.
  4. Bring plenty of business cards with something to hold them in.
  5. If you are promoting a small business or product, think about a giveaway you can easily hand out in volume at the conference.
  6. Download the agenda to read on the plane.
  7. Don't over think the parties or stress out about RSVPing. There seemed to be plenty of options for evening entertainment last year. If you find yourself with time alone, enjoy it!
  8. Don't be shy. All attendees are there to network. Stick out your hand, introduce yourself, and say hello.
  9. Indulge in your favorite book, magazine or iPad app on the airplane.
  10. Take notes at the sessions that inspire you (for future reference).
For those heading to New York, I hope to meet you in person. For those enjoying some time at home, I'll do my best to relay the highlights in a future post!


Amy @ The Q Family said...

I can't wait to hear about your experience. With all the talk about partying and what to wear, I just wonder if the conference is worth the cost. So would love to hear your assessment. :)

Susan Tiner said...

I also look forward to your take on the conference. I usually get the scoop from abdpbt, e.g., this post:

but it will be nice to get another perspective.