September 2, 2009

Cousins are Key

If you were to ask my daughters about their favorite trips, I'm confident they would say anywhere as long as a cousin was involved. Our extended families do not live locally, so seeing them requires a little extra effort.

There must be some pixie dust that lands on cousins, especially during the summertime. They may not see each other often, but they make instant friendships. Their creativity and camaraderie are a blessing for parents who need a little break from providing constant attention. Extra aunts and uncles mean extra hands. Extra hands mean more resources for taking walks, telling stories, and soothing little ones. Oh, and for building more sand castles, of course...

I didn't have the luxury of growing up with lots of cousins, but now that I see the value of a group setting, next year I'll be prioritizing our trips to include friends and families in the round-up. The kids, I'm sure, will be pleased.


Amy @ The Q Family said...

I agree. I think it's the genetic bond that makes them an instant friend. I remember our trip back to Thailand almost 3 years ago. Miss J was instantly bonded with my cousin's daughter and she still can remember her till now. They have only met once and that's it! I wish I have my families lived closer but we just have to make an effort to keep that bond alive. :)

Book Look Column Author said...

We took our young children to visit faraway cousins in Seattle and Chicago every other year. Lasting family relationships do require time together. Our kids are now parents and are repeating the happy pattern with cousins 1st and 2nd!( I like your blog! I'm Sarah's Aunt Debbie)