February 1, 2010

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Maybe it takes living without something to realize its importance. Our neighborhood is on a hill with no sidewalks plus fast drivers, so to get the kids out we sometimes take a short drive to the flats.

Sidewalks are genius. They give kids a safe place to zoom around, explore, and meet neighbors. They don't require any advanced purchase, scheduling, or reservation. They are accessible and spontaneous, and sometimes have a market on the corner where you can buy candy for a dollar.

A sidewalk used to be all I needed once I was 'biking' age. And if I play my cards right, it's going to be all they need as well.

This post was inspired by the book Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting.

P.S. Ironic post, I realize, coming from Little Miss Busy Kit. But hey, you live and learn!


Meg said...

Be careful. Someone may call the cops if they see your kids playing on their bikes without a parent running along aside them at all times in case someone drives by in a car (could be a stranger) and carrying a mat and a first aid kit in case they fall.

Carolina said...

Nation of Wimps? Sounds good, going to have to check out that book.
How little time we spend on that sidewalk around here lately.

Amy @ The Q Family said...

I can totally relate. Our house is on the sloping street as well. However, we can take a short walk to the nearby cul-de-sac for practice. :)

All Things BD said...

We live on the corner lot, which should be perfect for bike riding up one side of the yard and down the other on the sidewalk. Except in our community, there're only sidewalks on ONE SIDE of the street, and it changes sides randomly.

So on our lot, one side has sidewalk, which comes right up to the corner, and then it ends. Plus, we're also on a slight hill on the non-sidewalk side, which is a bummer, because how cool is it as a kid to come screaming down the hill and turn the corner on a dime?

Maybe I should be GLAD the sidewalk doesn't go all the way around. :)

penandview said...

I miss that neighborhood! I took many walks in it when I lived there...so many beautiful trees!