January 26, 2010

Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference Highlights

Today I ventured to San Francisco for the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference (i.e. a room full of supercharged women in technology!). Panelists covered niche marketing, venture capital, the art of negotiation, social media, microlending, gaming, giving, and growth. The messages were optimistic, innovative and inspiring and will hopefully stick with me as I brainstorm about goals for my own business. Here are some statements and resources I found noteworthy:

==> "Offline is the new Online", Eileen Gittens, CEO, Blurb

==> It's about the conversation, not marketing. People want to do business with people.

==> Entrepreneur workbook from canaan.com on pitching to VCs

==> When you are negotiating, don't always default to trying to compete. You might be able to maximize benefits and expand the pie by thinking creatively.

==> "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" You have limited time and resources, prioritize what you are working on and consider the trade-offs. Heather Harde, CEO, TechCrunch

==> Microlending, microwork, microtransations ===> maybe small is the new big?

==> Very cool example of social responsibility in action is the iPhone App called Give Work, a project between Samasource and Crowdflower that supports refugees in training.

==> Companies I'm going to keep my eye on... BigTent, RedBeacon, Kiva, PlayFirst, Y Combinator

Best part? Meeting the creator of MomMaps in person, and collaborating about the possibilities for the Moms With Apps developer group. So many ideas!

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Jill Seman said...

Ah thanks Lorraine!! Good to finally meet you too! Good summary of conference.