January 25, 2010

Winter Snow

This shot was taken from the car window on our drive to Lake Tahoe last weekend. I think this was the most snow I had ever seen. The trees stood diligently with the new weight on their branches like snow soldiers.

Oh, and if you are driving that way, remember to add on about 14 extra hours for traffic. The night drive home turned out to be a better call than the day drive up.


Amy @ The Q Family said...

What a nice picture! Giving a wintery feel. :)

Carolina said...

I love it when the trees look like that. There must be about 8 feet of snow around our cabin by know. And yes, I don't like the drive up. Early-early morning, or late at night are the only way to go.

Sharlene said...

So pretty! We are braving the drive up to the snow this weekend and hope to try out our busy kits on the way up!

Danielle said...

Oy, 14 hours? Extra? Heh.

Gorgeous though!