January 12, 2010

Rainy Day Activities With Kids

My husband sometimes teases (politely) that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, meaning I get bummed out when the clouds are low in the sky. He's probably right, which makes me all the more motivated to find my rays of sunshine in the dark of winter. Luckily, parenting helps you do just that. Kids don't stop when it's raining out, so why should I? Here are some ideas for coping during those overcast winter days:

Embrace the weather with raincoats, umbrellas, boots, and plenty of friends. Playing follow-the-leader through a bunch of puddles can energize even the most sluggish soul.

Pull out the puzzles! Clear off the kitchen table, put on some relaxing music, and build a puzzle together. Concentration and conversation can go hand in hand.

Bake! Who doesn't cheer up when fresh baked cookies or brownies are on the horizon?

Visit your local library to refresh your book collection, then combine it with a meal at your favorite restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Getting out of the house for part of the day will help the rest of the day flow more easily.

Go over to a friend's house to play. Team up with some other moms during a week of bad weather to arrange a playdate exchange. Not only will you fill your house with life, but you'll get a turn for some peace yourself.

Make your own movie matinee. Visit the video store for some classic movies that will inspire your kids. Sound of Music, Mary Poppins...you get the drift.

Get organized! OK well, maybe that's just me.

What are your tricks? Submit them in comments and I'll add them to the list!


Danielle said...

We dance. As you know, we take our dancing seriously! :)

It was so great to see you guys this past weekend! Your girls are gorgeous.


All Things BD said...

We usually hit the mall on rainy days. We don't even buy anything, just wander around and poke into stores we usually walk right by. Rainy days are the best movie theater days, too.

Hey, if you get any good info on high yield investments, let me know. :)

Carolina said...

A visit to an art museum with a stop for coffee (and cocoa for kid) always perks me up.
And btw I am not a fan of winter either, thank goodness I live in California. But I still look at the gloomy sky day after day, and wish it was spring already.