December 2, 2009

3 Travel Secrets: Unforgettable Moments in Nova Scotia

We took the family to Nova Scotia in July. Little did I know then how much these scenes would stay with me, even several months later. For our trip we landed in Halifax and drove up and around Cape Breton Island.

Cate at Caffinated Traveler tagged me the other day in a game of Blog Tag, initiated by Katie at Tripbase. Here are my 3 travel secrets to share, all focused on Nova Scotia:

1) Nova Scotia is breathtaking, uncrowded, friendly, and well suited for family travel. Consider putting it on your travel destination wish list!

2) Linger at the Glenora Inn and nearby regions of Mabou. It's magical there - the beaches, the nature walks, and the forests.

3) Drive the Cabot Trail, one of the most scenic drives in North America.

Thanks Cate & Katie for such a fun idea of "cyber tag", and to the folks at @authenticcoast for representing this best kept secret.

OK, who can I tag next? Watch out, here I come!


gijigogo said...

how incredibly beautiful!

Authentic Seacoast Company said...

Great post! Glad you had such a memorable visit to Nova Scotia. It was our pleasure to help you plan your vacation. Love your photo of Main Street in Guysborough. Gorgeous! We hope you'll come back and visit us again.

Katie, Tripbase said...

Great post, thanks for sharing your secrets.

Love the photos, incredible marshmallow skies!

Meg said...

It is amazing how such a (relatively) small place has so many beautiful places. We didn't make it to Mabou on our last trip. We are driving up next time so it will be an easy stop.

Alesha said...

Amazing photos, breathtaking.

Carolina said...

That first picture makes me feel the grass swaying, so peaceful. Tips duly noted, am putting it on our travel list.

PurpleOne said...

I love love love your first pic! Reminds me of a late summer evening. I am from Nova Scotia and glad that you had a chance to visit. :)

Cynthia said...

Wonderful post! I'm so glad you're unforgettable moments in Nova Scotia. I have to confess my favourite pic is the one of the horses. I love the idea of a blog tag. Great fun!

Thanks for sharing your Nova Scotia memories. We love read what our visitors have to say.

Cheers! Cynthia (from Nova Scotia Tourism)

Colleen Lanin at Travel Mamas said...

Beautiful photos!