November 30, 2009

5 Reasons #PWP Is Important to You, Too

When this year's Passports With Purpose fundraiser was launched, I was impressed with the initiative on a professional level, but it took time to make the connection on a personal level because I haven't yet visited Cambodia. That was soon overridden by the principles this initiative represents:

1. It supports childhood literacy and education. They are building a SCHOOL. Education is good for kids, necessary for progress, and critical if we hope to manage our planet wisely.

2. It supports the concept of a global community. Sure, I can volunteer down the street at my neighborhood school and act locally. But why not do both?

3. It's being organized by a team of A-listers: Debbie @deliciousbaby, Pam @nerdseyeview, Beth @wanderluster & Michelle @wandermom. By definition, this fundraiser will be a success.

4. It builds even more community within this super-cool, super-charged network of travel bloggers. I remember when I first started blogging a year ago, folks said I would eventually find my corner of the universe. I'm so glad I found this corner.

5. It's the right time. 'Tis the season to give.

To the team at Passports With Purpose, go ahead and throw a My Busy Kit shopping spree into the equation. The winner can choose a selection of My Busy Kits (travel activities for kids on the go) of up to $100 in value. My Busy Kits are used to keep children creatively entertained on the plane, in the car, or whenever parents need it most. If the winner can provide me with the gender and ages, I'll customize them into the biggest, bestest My Busy Kits ever made. Let's do it!

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Ms. Candice said...

What a neat prize! I can imagine the epicness of the winning kit! :)