September 21, 2009

Go On...Get Moving!

Thinking about heading out, but don't know where to start? Some fellow bloggers are here to help! My head is still spinning from our crazy out-of-town summer, so I'm hunkering down into research mode. Glad I did, or else I wouldn't have found such treasures!

Get inspired with @tripbase! Katie's list of the world's 15 most magical places puts travel into the stratosphere! What would you put on your list of most magical places?

Plan with @wandermom! Michelle offers solid advice on traveling with school-age children in this post about planning for 2010. Knowing the school calendar, and communicating with teachers in advance is a win-win scenario. (Having complete immunity for the trip would really top it off. Who is going to work on that one for me?)

Execute with @onthegowithamy! Amy highlights car game ideas from Cookie Magazine that make me want to hop in the Brady Bunch station wagon and (not) punch my brother! Family fun at its finest.

Enjoy with @doubleadventure! The hope is to find places, scenes and discoveries for all to enjoy. Sharlene picks a winner with this Pretend City she found in Irvine, CA. Some of the best moments can come from watching the little ones have fun.

OK, I'd better get back to work! So many blogs, so little time.

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