September 16, 2009

Fall Newsletter from My Busy Kit

To our friends and customers who supported us over the past two years – thanks for helping our concept of a ‘kids activity kit’ turn into a reality for families on the go. – Lorraine & Annabel

My Busy Kit is ideal for family travel, and has activities to keep kids entertained when parents need it the most! Take it with you on the airplane, out to restaurants, or save it for a rainy day. Inside you will find everything you need to color, play, create and discover - all in one fun place! We are excited to announce that our product mix now includes Crayola Washable Markers! For a complete list of products, visit our online store at

NEW iPhone App for Kids!
We recently launched My Little Suitcase, our first app for the iPhone and iTouch built just for kids. My Little Suitcase is based on a travel theme, and encourages children to pack for their trip and head out to explore each destination. Suitable for children ages 2 to 6. Available now on iTunes – visit for details.

We are offering free shipping for anyone on our iPhone review team. If you are a parent who has an iPhone or iTouch, and would be interested in providing feedback on the My Little Suitcase game, then you qualify. Write for details.

October 24th, San Francisco - Babes & Babies by Appel and Frank
November 15th, Palo Alto – Gala for Giving
November 19th, Belmont - San Carlos Belmont Mothers Club
November 21st, Morgan Hill Boutique

What Customers are Saying

My children absolutely love them as do I. When they came in the mail, it entertained them for at least one hour independently while I could get some work done. The tape measure was the biggest hit. We just went on a vacation and the Busy Kits were perfect for a little down time before hitting the beach again. The kids carry them along to church as well. Thank you for a great, compact activity for children. - from Margaret, mother of four,

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