June 29, 2009

Television, Yes or No?

Ever since I had children, I’ve struggled with television. Is TV good or bad? Will it turn brains to mush? How much is too much? Are my limits too loose, or too stringent?

I was able to attend a workshop in June hosted by PBS Kids about the role media plays in family life, and how families establish healthy media habits. Sent home with a backpack of materials from the SUPER WHY show, I spent time during the week working with my kids as a PBS Parent. I was floored. We had so much fun with the learning materials (book, music, puzzle & worksheets), that we actually skipped watching the TV show until the end of the week.

This two minute video shows what happens when you have high quality children's content centered around a fun and educational theme - PBS, I am WAY impressed! You just illustrated the power of good content.

Sure, I still have my struggles with TV, but at least I have a benchmark for measuring educational programming, along with a new set of resources for at-home activities with my kids. Thanks PBS Kids for turning letters, words, spelling and reading into SUPER powers! The kids are lovin it!

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Tiffany T said...

Well done! I believe in balance. Teaching our children how television can be a tool (look! That's Africa!!) and not a mindless machine is key. Good for you that you are taking that extra step to incorporate activities into the mix as well.