April 7, 2009

Packing Up the Pink

So there we were, getting ready to leave for a family overnight, with limited cooperation from our youngest travelers. After a few too many complaints about wanting to bring along this or that toy, my husband caved. "Here, have a suitcase, fill it up, and that's what you can bring." Oh, what joy! Squeals of excitement reverberated through my home. The youngest travelers flitted about the house, fitting in each toy like a puzzle, and even making room for the dearest of books and sibling treasures. I stayed out of it, figuring that he dug this hole, so he can pack the car. Turns out, he really nailed it. Not only did the kids do a great job getting packed and out of the house, but they were plenty entertained when we got to the hotel. And here I am, Miss Busy Kit, trumped by her very own husband!


Carolina said...

I love girls, so much pink! With my son, the suitcase use to be a Thomas the Tank Engine, usually packed full of trains. Not much pink!

Tiffany T said...

HA! At least it worked with your girls! AllThingsBD did this with her girls for a trip they took a while back, so I used this solution with my children on the trip to Texas in March to visit them. My 4 and 6 year olds packed up their backpacks (carry-ons) with only 5 items (!) that they claimed they were excited about, but when we got on the plane, they didn't want anything to do with these items. All I have to say is thank goodness for the Busy Kits :).