March 8, 2009

Our Top Chef

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be in the company of great friends for an evening of culinary adventure. We've known Clare and Nick for almost ten years. Every so often we have the opportunity to sample Nick's gourmet creations. Imagine being in a fancy restaurant, and having the chef cook especially (and only) for you. Twelve carefully designed courses to amaze our palates and intrigue our tastebuds. Mmmmmmm...

The Place Setting

The Presentation

The Dessert

The Next Dessert

I could explain the courses, but I don't want to risk being inaccurate about the details. I know there were a lot of sauces, reductions, textures, tastes, gadgets and temperatures. There were also a lot of HOURS, and time spent shopping, thinking, and preparing. It's quite incredible, really, to witness Art in action. But best of all, being with people who are doing what they love to do - few times does it get much better than that. Cheers to you, Clare & Nick!


Anonymous said...

how awesome to have such a great dinner, with great friends. I was just saying how I would like to have a fancy dinner at home at least once a month. Life gets so hectic nowadays, that we rarely have the time to make such great dinners, let alone enjoy them with friends.

Tiffany T said...

Wow... er... WOW! Could you put some of that in a Fed-Ex box and ship some left-overs to us?