March 1, 2009

Dr. Suess is on the Loose!

I hear it's Dr. Suess's 50th birthday on Monday, March 2nd. All of this hoopla is timely for us, because our oldest daughter is just learning how to read. Her book of choice this past week? One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. My book of choice? Marvin K. Mooney, because I love the phrase "or you can stamp yourself and go by mail".

Where did he get those ideas, I wonder? Truffula trees, barbaloot suits, swammy swans, and thneeds that everyone needs? It's one thing to have a good idea. It's another to have it be relevant, effective and useful 50 years later. Thank you, Dr. Suess.


Anonymous said...

you just reminded me, the teacher, that tomorrow is read across america day.

Tiffany T said...

Marvin K. Mooney is my favorite too! I get choked up that at the end when the hands are "yelling" at Marvin to go, and Marvin waves and smiles as he leaves since it was time to go. I know... I'm a sad sap.