March 3, 2009

Listen to the Mommy Bloggers

I'm a 2009 Twitter Baby. After chirping around for a couple of months, I have a newfound respect for the people who are generating all of this content in the Mommy Blogosphere. I'm glad I'm here. Thanks, Maria Baily, for writing Mom 3.0 and getting my butt in gear.

If I weren't here, I wouldn't be aware that consumers are pretty much fed-up by companies without an eco-friendly strategy. If I weren't here, I wouldn't understand that blatant direct marketing (the ME ME ME approach) is going to piss everyone off. If I weren't here, I'd wouldn't be finding new ways to improve my business.

So thank you Green & Clean Mom, for scaring the bejeezus out of me when you posted this article about non-toxic products for children - because it made me reevaluate my entire packaging strategy. And thanks Travel Savvy Mom, for posting this list about the popularity of iPhone applications for children's travel - because it's keeping my market research comprehensive and relevant. And thanks Confessions of a Mom, for twittering the Golden Rule about giving referrals as the first step to getting anywhere. That was a great gut-check on my priorities, and good things have happened since I put that rule in place. And thanks Tippy Toes and Bride of Mukor for introducing me to how fun writing can be.

I appreciate and welcome this new network, because I know I'm pretty late to the game. I'll continue listening, and contributing as I can. It's safe to say that I'm officially sucked in [recently signed up for BlogHer]. Looking forward to learning even more while I'm there! Maybe we should invite a few of the nation's economists and policy makers, I'm sure they could use a little momspiration.


Anonymous said...

So I had to check out some of these sites first, so had to come back. Being new to this as well, I like that moms are getting a bit more of an unfiltered voice, and that we are using the blogoshpere to help our careers, or start businesses.

Tiffany T said...

Oh honey, you have passed me by in your knowledge of all things techno-relevant. I know I need to get onto Twitter, but I'm too busy wasting my time on Facebook playing games rather than networking. I'm a lost cause...