February 12, 2009

Solo in the Snow

Last Friday night I drove to Lake Tahoe for a ski weekend with my two daughters. But something was amiss. Where was my husband?

Oh yes, thankfully, he still has a job - and had to end up working the entire weekend that we had planned our little ski getaway. Not to worry, I've got friends up at the cabin and all will be well! I can handle this!

Night drives after a long week of kid-minding are no big deal. Rainy, and possibly snowy road conditions are nothing to worry about. Arriving after 11pm is fashionably late. Skidding out on the driveway just makes it all the more fun. Putting mittens on my kids for the 20th time is helping my fine motor skills. Two kids bunking in MY bed because they needed extra cuddles...jury is still out on that one.

Herding the children into ski school, a relief! Taking some runs for myself in fresh powder - exhilerating! Hot tub, ahhhhhhhhh. Am I really doing this? Hey, who needs a husband anyhow?

Sunday morning: "OK kids, let's get packed up and back to your father before I turn into Angry Mommy".

Well, it was worth a shot!


Anonymous said...

Heeheee. I'm still debating if I want to make the drive up to Truckee this weekend. The thought of traffic, snow, and snow chains is making me debate it. But then sipping cocoa in the cabin with the snowy trees just might make it worthwhile :)

kimberly/tippytoes said...

Okay the skidout has me nervous. We are heading up on Wednesday, which is exciting until I think about the storm forecast. Eek!

kimberly/tippytoes said...

I don't know why it called me Peninsula!


Kelly Akemann said...

Hahahah - that was a great post! ;)

Unknown said...

Nice job getting after it! Hopefully the drive was nice and peaceful with sleeping angels in the back seats!