February 23, 2009

On the Road, Again?

My friend and business partner, Annabel, just got back from Tahoe...after just getting back from 3 weeks in Mexico...after just getting back from Tahoe...after just getting back from the coast...after just getting back from Tahoe.

A couple of years ago Annabel called me from the road (on her way back from Mexico) with the idea to start our business, and she's been charting new territory ever since. She takes outdoorsmanship to a new level and doesn't hesitate to take all three of her girls (2, 4 & 6 years old) right along with her.

So here I am, in my slippers, writing about my dear friend, who is either skiing or windsurfing. And I think to myself, how in heck does she pull this off? Here is what she had to say: 1) let traveling become part of your routine, keep your gear packed and ready to go, 2) let your children be part of the process, give them their own duffel bags so they can be responsible for their own stuff, 3) go places where you can set up a home-away-from-home and establish a routine on the road.

Does she ever hit a roadblock? Oh sure, she's the first to admit when they enter the Clustersphere. But from what I can observe, the kids have already accumulated the lifeskills necessary to solve most of their problems. I guess waiting until the kids are in college is overrated, because this strategy is sheer genius.

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