February 24, 2009

iPhone App's First Baby Steps!

I feel like I just had another kid today! Our idea is turning into a reality and I'd like to give a huge shout-out to collaborators Mike Mucha and Alicia Hoey! We are working on an iPhone application for kids, branded by My Busy Kit. By next week, we should have the drag & drop capabilities to have kids test it on our iPhones. I realize that we'll have an assortment of ups and downs along the road to production, but I'm feeling very confident about the forward progress and positive energy of this little team. Looking forward to keeping it up!


Tiffany T said...

That's incredible, L! The concept is so simple and easy. How many different items are you going to have? How are you tying in the ability for the customer to order Busy Kits from you? I design for the shirts are very cute. When it comes time for me to consider doing the clothing line for my labels, maybe I can collaborate with you to allow me to use the Busy Kits images for crossover advertising?! My people will call your people :).

Anonymous said...

So now, I really need to get an iPhone. The project does sound exciting.