July 20, 2015

Rome: Vatican Museum

Our itinerary in Rome included a tour to the Vatican Museum. We were a bit nervous beforehand, thinking back to the crowded Louvre from a prior trip. Would it be enjoyable, or would we suffocate and get trampled on? To prepare, we watched a Khan Academy video about the Sistine Chapel to arm each child with hope and anticipation as we worked through the route. One of my favorite sights was the Hall of Maps, where walls were adorned with paintings of regional topography. The details were rich and enticing (even the font on the maps!). The Hall of Tapestries was no less amazing, or the statues from ancient Greece like the Belvedere Torso

A remarkable lasting impression was from the courtyard - a modern juxtaposition or "a sphere within a sphere". Check it out here! The tour ends with a 15 minute window to experience the Sistine Chapel in silence. No talking or photographs allowed. We were enraptured with the Last Judgement by Michelangelo on the first wall. Looking up at the story of creation is a gripping experience. The view was worth the effort. 

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