March 31, 2012

Hamster-Inspired Creativity

The Akemann household is becoming a critter paradise. First a fish, then a cat, and now a hamster. The fish got our feet wet, the cat warmed our laps, but what was the hamster going to add? I wasn't convinced, but after three months of discussion with my almost-9-year-old I obliged. Now we have Fozzy Bear running the wheel each night.

When our good friends came over to meet Mr. Bear, the pieces fell into place. Fozzy became a live challenge for creative play when they used the recycling box to make a Hamster Maze. The options were endless, the giggles were incessant, and the hamster was far more interesting than the Zhu Zhu Pet middleman. Cute little guy.


All Things BD said...

So sweet! Our hamsters passed away, and now we have mice. I think we're going backwards somehow! Aren't we supposed to get a rabbit or a dog after the hamsters?

The mice are cute though, even if they DO present themselves as professional escape artists. We had to keep the cage in a bathtub for 3 weeks so they'd grow too big to fit through the cage bars!

All Things BD said...
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