February 5, 2012

Science Class: Take Apart Day

Our public school teachers have inspired a new group of tinkerers. We had "All Day Science" at school which included a session on taking old electronics apart. The kids were taking things apart all afternoon and evening, siblings and friends included. We dissembled a camera lens and manually figuring out how it worked (close and far) by moving a lever. I really got a kick out of it when they said things like:

"Look, rainbow wires!"
"Hand me the screwdriver"

Wonderful when a little junk science can take experiential learning to new levels. 

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All Things BD said...

That's so great. Just this past week, Rebecca asked what she could take apart. I gave her an old phone we've had for 18 years. You know, the ones with a CORD attached to them? She took it apart and examined how the ringer and buttons worked. I'm nervous now about how she's eying all the electronic items in our house!