December 10, 2011

Flaming Confessions

I own a fake fireplace.

I asked my husband to buy it for Christmas. He was dubious. "Aren't those kind of tacky?"

Yes, they are tacky, but I'd like one anyway. The fake flicker, the dual heat setting, the one-plug assembly, the Costco price, and the burning embers that never change shall not deter me.

When I came home that evening, the fireplace was in the corner of our bedroom all set to enjoy. I stood in front of my new heater full of confidence.

"I can't believe we own a fake fireplace", he says, chuckling slightly.

Then he pulls out the remote, and switches it on for a demo. I'm blown away - I don't even have to GET OUT OF BED to turn it off.

"This is fantastic!" says me. "This will be the coziest part of the house all winter, you'll see."

The next day I picked out a brown shag rug to lay in front of the new hearth. I just figured, there is no reason to cut corners on cozy. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Several days later when my youngest tiptoed down the hallway with her favorite book, we clicked on the fireplace while reading together. She was pretty happy about Mom's corner of the house. I don't think she knows the word "tacky" - yet.

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