July 28, 2011

Highlights of Paris with Kids

Eiffel Tower at night? Yes! The boat taxi along the River Seine? Yes! The bridge with all of the locks that people put there for a memento? Yes! The souvenir extravaganza of mini Eiffel Towers that kids buy with their own money and play with at the hotel? Yes! A sidewalk cafe with shelter from rain? Yes! The Mona Lisa at the Louvre? No! (too crowded - kids get stampeded). The merry-go-round at the Jardin des Tuileries OUTSIDE of the Louvre? Yes! The Musee de l'Orangerie that hosts two dedicated circular rooms of Monet's water lilies, without crowds? A resounding "Yes!". The photograph of your kids in Paris that you will treasure, despite the fact that you found a mouse in your room the morning of your departure, on a day that ended on an overnight layover at an airport hotel? Yes. C'est la vie!


kellya said...

Love all the great shots you got on your vacation. What a great experience for all of you! Miss you lots.

Lynette said...

Great photos! The one of your girls in front of the Eiffel Tower is wonderful. I hope you all had a lot of adventures, and that you can now relax at home.