January 14, 2011

3 Tips for Outsmarting the Winter Blues

Seeing these smiling snowmen in my daughter's Kindergarten class reminded me of the long winter ahead. Could I make it through with the same chipper & upbeat spirit that they have? If your winter mood is a gamble, like mine, here are some ideas to keep you on track:

1) ENJOY DISTRACTIONS - Do you remember when toddlers would throw a tantrum, and showing them the nearest shiny object would distract them and make them forget what they were tantruming about? Winter is a great time for distracting yourself with movies, reading, current events, classes, activities, exercise, and time with friends.

2) PLAN A TRIP - I'm a firm believer in anchors. One of the problems of depression is the people tend to feel adrift, disconnected, and uninspired. Travel provides anticipation that connects us to our next adventure. Check out books, look at maps, make reservations, and give yourself something to look forward to.

3) BE HONEST ABOUT IT - Read about it, talk about it, write about it - but whatever you do, don't hide from it. You're not solving any problems by pretending it's not there. In fact, even Stanford University recently wrote about the benefits of sharing your problems with others. Chances are, some of your best winter experiences could be hashing it out with friends going through the same stuff.

What else have you got?  Would love to "distract" myself with your ideas and add them to this list!


Tiffany T said...

Distractions are a great idea. One way I distract myself from my blues is to find time for my hobby. The only problem with hobbies is that I get depressed when I see what a wreck my house is, and the hobbies I engage in prevent me from cleaning. Whatever - I'm happy!

Carolina said...

I know what you mean, I get like that too. I'm giddy with excitement that it's actually above 60 degrees with the possibility of sunny this weekend.
I agree that planning and organizing keep me busy in winter.

Lynette said...

I can SO relate. Thanks for the tips. Find fun ways to exercise and be active is another one I'd add - much better than reaching for food when you're feeling the winter blahs!