October 23, 2010

Leaf Jam Version 1.0

Our latest project from My Busy Kit is now complete! Come celebrate autumn with Leaf Jam, an open-ended musical playground of fall leaves, seasonal colors, and warm melodies. Tap the screen to make the leaves fall. See orange, yellow, purple and red illuminate the landscape. Tap it lightly, or use all of your fingertips to cover the ground - the choice is up to you.
Most popular uses:
  • Intrigue a curious toddler with the vivid colors
  • Count how many leaves it takes to cover the ground
  • Tip leaves in a kaleidoscopic North, South, East, West rotation
  • Sooth a crying baby with the happy melody
  • Make it *rain* leaves
  • Cheer up your workspace by jammin' to the tune
Developed by three parents (me, Mike and Alicia), Leaf Jam is the second app from My Busy Kit with an emphasis on discovery, exploration and imaginary play. Custom melody created by Shawn at Lullatone. We hope you enjoy it - check it out now on iTunes!

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