June 14, 2010

School's Out! Now What?

Thursday June 17th is our last day of school. In other words, it's the end of the world as we [i.e., moms] know it, but I feel fine...really! There is no stress or anxiety here. I have field trips and lesson plans all lined up.  I'm ready to dive into a summer full of exhilarating activities and hands-on learning for my curious kids. In no time I'll consider myself a full-fledged, home-school-capable mom.

Oh, you don't believe me? Welcome to the club - me neither. Truth is, I'm scared. Over the years I picked up a few hobbies to try and nurture the intellectual balance between diapers and the NY Times. Several businesses, blogs, and social media endeavors later, I seemed to have collected about four full time jobs. Hmph. That wasn't exactly the plan.

So what do we do now, ladies? The answer is probably one of the best lessons of all. We chill, we camp, we eat popsicles, and we spend all day blowing up a kiddie pool, and we fall behind on the infamous projects. [Insert cliche of the universe here] ==> They are only young once.

Go in with a good attitude. Even if it only lasts 10 minutes, at least you made the effort. I'll meet you all on the other side, at BlogHer! 


Bridget Smith said...

Love this post Lorrainne! Kind of like much of my summer as well. Two businesses, college student, well you know the drill. Wish I were joining you at Blog Her. Have fun!

maria said...

I know exactly how you feel! School officially ended last thursday here in Sardinia so now we are going to have a long interesting summer until mid September ahhhh! I have it all worked out - or at least that's what I like to tell myself - mornings monday to friday my son is at the beach for his summer camp activities and the afternoons are for our projects. My grand new projects will have to take the backseat for a while as you say they are only young once!

Lynette said...

Nice post! Sounds a lot like what I expect my summer to be like! My kids are older, so at least I don't have to blow up that kiddie pool anymore. But oh, the driving! Even if I only drive each kid to only one thing a day, that's still 6 trips a day. Oh, dear.

Amy @ The Q Family said...

I didn't realize kids in CA are out much later than us. As your kids just starts their summer, I think we are done with our summer. :)

3 weeks in Thailand is my summer plan for my kids. And now, we will just chill and take in a much needed rest.

We will probably take in our usual day trips on the weekend since I don't have summer break. :) The day will be up to their work at home dad.