May 5, 2010

Take Your Kids to Work Day

Our travel adventure this week was visiting AppCamp at the Asolimar Conference Center in Monterey. This event was a professional obligation related to my involvement over at Moms With Apps, but it doubled as an opportunity for a family outing to Monterey.

Kids: Are we going to the Aquarium?
Mom: No.
Kids: Are we going to the big park with the steam train?
Mom: No.
Kids: Well why are we going?
Mom: You are going to work for mom, but you get to test out new kids apps while you are there. AND you get to check out the iPad.
Kids: oooohhhh.

Little did the conference coordinators know that conference name tags take on a whole new meaning for kids. I never thought twice about a name tag, but these kids decorated theirs like a birthday cake on steroids. THEN, they saw the iPad. They colored, played music, took turns, painted art, wrote on a chalkboard, solved math equations, and read books....all on the iPad. The grownups were happy, they were happy, my little worker bees did their job without even remembering they were working.

Eventually Dad took them to the beach to collect shells, while I sat in the conference room for grown-ups. So they got the best of both worlds, and so did I. Maybe I'm ready to stop worrying about how fast the kids are growing up. Maybe growing up...will be fun too.

My oldest turns 7 today, just in time for Trekaroo's Debut of Spotlight Thursday! Are YOU a traveling family? Then get on board at Trekaroo, it really IS the place to be!


All Things BD said...

Happy birthday to your big girl! Hope she has a wonderful day.

Do you know that she's one of FIVE people I know who have this birthday? Amazing, right?

Amy @ The Q Family said...

It's definitely a cool 'Take Your Kids to Work Day' in my book. :) My kids would love to have a chance to play with the iPad.

debi9kids said...

LOL about them decorating their name tags! heehee (sounds about right!)

ps Popped over here from Trekaroo :)

Esther Lee said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Love how they're working on the iPad.

Thanks so much for supporting Trekaroo's Spotlight Thursday!

Sharlene said...

Happy Birthday to your oldest! I love how tech savvy kids are already. I can still barely figure out basic html. Thank you so much for playing along with Spotlight Thursdays. I hope you will join us again next week!

Carolina said...

Oh boy, I want to go to work with you too.
Hope the birthday girl had her day in the spotlight.

Danielle said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! She's beautiful!

Oy, I need to catch up on my peeps. :)