May 27, 2010

Flying With Kids in Queenstown, New Zealand

I've been mellow for too long. My 2010 staycation lifestyle just isn't cutting it for programs like Trekaroo's Spotlight Thursday or Delicious Baby's Photo Friday. I needed to do something special this week and blow it out. Backtracking to one of our biggest highlights in my family travel history: New Zealand by Air!

Above is the first shot of landing in Queenstown. Just the view from the tarmac was enough to make my eyes pop out of my head. Little did I know what else would be in store for us that day...

Heading out to our plane with Captain Mike

Boarding for our propeller adventure

Co-pilot in action

Might as well throw in a 007 helicopter, just for kicks

And here is me thinking, "Will she EVER remember this?"

Well, even if she does forget, I know I certainly won't. Unforgettable, unbelievable, untouchable - New Zealand.


Danielle said...

holy green hills, batman. those pics are awesome!

Sharlene said...

What an incredible journey!!!!! Wow. I would love to do something like that. New Zealand is so high on my bucket list.

Carolina said...

Wowzer, what an adventure. I have never been on a helicopter ride, it's on my (ever growing) list.