March 2, 2010

The Ultimate Roadside Picnic

Pick a beautiful place within an hour of your home. Add a picnic, a few chairs, extra clothes, a frisbee and a trail map. Voila! You just might end up with a perfectly fun day on relatively few dollars. Here we are in the Marin Headlands just North of San Francisco. We visited the cliffs overlooking the bay, the gentle trails in the valley, and the Marine Mammal Center where stranded sea lions from up and down the coast are researched and nursed back to health. I'm already planning a return trip, without the kids, and with a longer hike and dinner in Sausalito. OK, now where is that babysitter.



Debi said...

I love the idea of just packing up and taking off for a few hours with the kids. If they don't know the destination, it makes for a great surprise, too. Looks like you had a great time.

Carolina said...

It looks like a sunnier day than the one we got in June :) Love the picnic, and now that spring is here, it's the perfect weekend outing.