December 26, 2009

Travel Activities for the Road Trip Home

Whether you are wrapping up your holiday travels, or heading out for winter break, here are ideas for making your own activity kit. Our COLOR PLAY CREATE DISCOVER formula has been used in over 4000 My Busy Kits - so we hope it works for you too!

1) COLOR - crayons, markers, blank white paper, envelopes, tape, scissors
2) PLAY - action figures, finger puppets, bendables, little toy people or animals
3) CREATE - construction toys, connecting shapes, pipe cleaners, Wikki Stix, pop beads, lace boards
4) DISCOVER - magnifying glass, measuring tape, flashlight, puzzle

To supplement your activity kit, you can't beat a selection of books to bring along for storytime. Our favorite travel books are small and compact, with enough text and illustrations to keep us engaged. Here is a post on the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books that entertain us on our trips.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, options for kids activities are endless. Not only can you access a library of books from your smartphone, but you can also make art projects on the go with apps like KidArt and SpinArt. Recently I've been collaborating with a group of parent developers who make apps for kids and families - so visit for download ideas before your next family roadtrip. And of course, there is the app we released over the summer from My Busy Kit called My Little Suitcase, which lets kids pack their own suitcase to explore fun travel destinations.


Book Look Column Author said...

I have been checking out your great blog through my niece Sarah (your cousin) for several months - I write for a weekly local paper and would like to feature you in a "Travel Tips" article. I am no longer traveling with kids (yahoo) so appreciate your point of view. I will call you.

Sarah said...

Hey Aunt Debbie! Fancy meeting you here. Great idea btw!

Lorraine Akemann said...

That sounds fantastic. Thank you cousin Sarah & to the Book Look for the notice. I'd most certainly welcome a phone call to discuss travel features.