November 22, 2009

One Fine Day On The Golden Gate Bridge

I was dreaming, as Mara encourages us to do, about a family outing to change the scene. I envisioned a short drive, clear fall weather, a picnic lunch, and something fun for everyone. So here's my shout-out to San Francisco for making some dreams come true - you saved my sanity just when I needed it most! We started at the parking lot just before the Golden Gate Bridge, strolled out to the middle for some views, and then backtracked down to Chrissy Field for coffee and snacks at the Warming Hut Cafe. To top it off, the Farallones Visitor Center was open, so we got to inspect their marine exhibits.


Carolina said...

I've never been to the marine center, will have to definitely check it out next time I'm in Crissy Field. I do love that place and the warming hut.

Unknown said...

Oh, I LOVE outings like this one! What great pictures too. I have got to get out to San Francisco with my kids.