November 5, 2009

Mom-Powered Partnerships

Moms are popular these days. They are creating products, starting businesses, and networking at a rate that has caught mainstream attention. They've found their own market niche (other moms) and are working hard to get their message out. So, what is going to define the next generation of moms who succeed in business? As the competition gets tougher, I believe it will require not only remarkable products, but also the ability to form partnerships with peers. The good news? This is exactly what moms do best!

Here is a first-hand example. Tara Rison is the creator and founder of Itty Bitty Bookworm, a literature-based preschool curriculum. She used Twitter to comment about my product, and later hosted a My Busy Kit giveaway on her blog. Since then we decided to co-produce a travel activity sheet, using her curriculum, to be included in My Busy Kits. Not only have I improved my product with more educational content, but we've also gained visibility into each others networks. We discussed the topic of partnerships on Maria Bailey's Mom Talk Radio earlier this month, and in preparation pulled together ideas to share on forming partnerships...

* Use the Direct Message capability on Twitter to reach out to others (in a productive, non-spammy way)

* Feature guests on your blog

* Ask questions and advice - moms love to be resources!

* Develop relationships by leaving blog comments, retweeting useful posts, or paying a compliment over email

* Don't be bashful!

When you're in start-up mode, it's easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated. But there are many others in the same place, hoping to make a difference. So find some partners and forge ahead together! Not only will it be more fun, but you will probably find encouragement, support, brainstorming and collaboration along the way.

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