October 20, 2009

Why is Twitter Worth My Time?

When I first joined Twitter in January, I was more interested in satisfying my curiosity than in quantifying the results. There were many reasons why I liked it, but at some point I would need to start tracking how Twitter is helping my small business become, well...less small. Here is what I found, and why I'm still tweeting:

1. NICHE MARKETS - I like being able to follow people in my areas of interest. I started by following people in the family travel market, and now I'm expanding to children's products, mom bloggers, and reviewers. The niche markets are endless, and by using the keyword searches, you can comment on relevant conversations.

2. INTERACTIVE AUDIENCE - If you tweet a question, you just might get an answer. When we first launched our My Little Suitcase iPhone app, I tweeted a request for reviewers. My best customer testimonial came from that dialogue!

3. GIVING BACK - You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Trends like #traveltuesday and #followfriday are ways to get the word out about followers you enjoy, and they are likely to return the favor. Twitter is a level playing field, and if you play nicely, you'll see a lot of teamwork that is incrementally promoting your presence.

4. NETWORKS AND CONNECTIONS - Finding new and interesting people can create new and interesting opportunities. Without Twitter, I doubt I would have come across @BittyBookworm or @twokidsandamap or @taramichener who have recently featured my business on their sites!

What about you? Are you tweeting? Why or why not? I'm curious about the results for others and welcome your comments and feedback.


Tara Michener said...

Fantastic Article and happy to Tweet with you!
Tara Michener

Melissa Taylor said...

Yes, I like the interactive part. I meet so many wonderful people - it's fun. (and addictive!)

Nice to meet you, too. And, please consider my site for a giveaway or product review. http://imaginationsoup.net



Carolina said...

To tweet or not to tweet...oh I love it. Still surprised how many of just common folk are not on twitter. I mean those who are not bloggers, or in the biz-world.

Lynette said...

I also find the keyword searches on Twitter helpful - probably the most helpful aspect for me. I also think Twitter is a great vehicle for reaching a very wide audience directly in a way that has never been possible before.