September 7, 2009

Build Your Own Busy Kit (Part 4: Discover)

We've all heard that children need to spend more time outside. One reason travel can be so valuable for families is that it enables outdoor activities. Parks, beaches, walks, and town squares are part of visiting a new (or old) destination. Exploring your surroundings is the purpose of Build Your Own Busy Kit Part 4: Discover.

If you are about to head out with the little ones, my previous posts have ideas for keeping children creatively entertained while traveling. They include four areas:

1) COLOR - crayons, markers, blank white paper
2) PLAY - pretend toys, action figures, finger puppets
3) CREATE - construction toys, connecting shapes, pipe cleaners


4) DISCOVER! - magnifying glass, measuring tape, flashlights, etc.

Kids love to explore - and one of my favorite parts of being a parent is watching them go for it! Hand them a flashlight to light up the dark. Unroll a tape measure to wrap around a tree trunk. Hold up a magnifying glass to see a creepy crawly on a leaf. Or just sit back, and watch them create crazy open-ended uses for any of these objects (I've seen the magnifying glass used as a pretend pizza cutter, or the tape measure used to leash a stuffed animal - whatever works!).

The point is, children are nature's explorers. The more they do, the more they realize life's (and their own) potential. What other interesting gadgets can unlock a child's curiosity? I'd love to hear your ideas!

So next time you are packing up for a trip, remember the key words COLOR * PLAY * CREATE * DISCOVER to make your own busy kit. It will become an imagination-builder for your kids, and a sanity saver for you! Happy travels!

Lorraine Akemann / Co-founder / My Busy Kit

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Carolina said...

How many times have we been out with my kid and I wished I had a binocular or magnifying glass? I try to remember to never leave home without it.