July 19, 2009

Whale Watching with Kids

So you think to yourself...a three hour boat ride? No problem. The kids have just been fed, whale watching is a highlight of this area, so, let's go for it!

Then you realize, just how 'into it' they really are.

I mean, it's beautiful scenery and everything...

But it sure is taking a LONG time to see those whales...

OH MY GOSH! I see it!

Then, it kind of all makes sense, even though it was more like five hours. Instead of remembering the time it took, and how cold and hungry you were on the boat, you focus on these awesome creatures up close. The special bonus is witnessing the magic in your child's eyes as they see this spectacle for the first time. Thank you to the fin whales of Cape Breton Island! I would have taken a photo of you, but I was so excited myself, that I was jumping around like a lunatic saying "DID YOU SEE THAT?" and ended up actually forgetting about the camera for a moment. Life should have more of those moments, actually.

EDITOR'S NOTE: my mother read this post and was disappointed about the lack of whale photo. So I searched Google and found an image close to what we saw from the boat. Here you go Mom!


Carolina said...

Cool. I still haven't gone whale-watching. I hope this is the year we make it. So funny about the picture, but the truth is that life's most exciting moments make us forget about snapping a picture.

familyadventureguidebooks said...

Very funny! Haven't attempted this yet, but I'm sure that the process will be the same.