July 12, 2009

Braving the Bay of Fundy

Day two in Nova Scotia surprised us with a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy, the location of the highest claimed tides in the world. Following the signs to the 'tidal bore' near Truro, we kept driving to the end of an old farm road, towards the shore. Here we are heading down the overgrown path, hoping to find the bay...

We see the BAY!

We trek around the rocks - geology in ACTION!

My husband? What is he DOING?

Oh, he must be roaring. He just found the Bay of Fundy, after all!


Terri said...

hi, Terri the Bay of Fundy blogger here...just came across you blog post. where are you exactly outside Truro. You've got me stumped on the location (doesn't happen very often). Haha

Lorraine Akemann said...

Hi Terri - thanks for the comment. We kind of just followed our noses off of the highway in Truro just before the turn off for Bible Hill. So it was on the east side of the bay, but must have been just across a channel from Maitland. There was a gravel road called the 'shore road', and we took that and dead ended a few times until we came to the end of residential road and hiked down an old driveway, and found the bay! It was fantastic! I will check out your blog!

Tiffany T said...

That's awesome.