June 10, 2009

Tales from the Twitterverse

What. Is. Up. With.... Twitter? Why is everyone totally twitting OUT? (myself included). Recently I've had some tweepiphanies I'd like to share about why, six months in, I'm still tweeting:

1) There is NO INBOX. I join the conversation, I leave the conversation. I catch it when I can, without adding a bunch of to-dos on my list.

2) I like watching the trending column to see what's going on in popular culture. Sometimes, it's more telling than the network news. For example, I had no idea that "So You Think You Can Dance" (or, more twaccurately, sytycd) just started it's next season until today when I logged on to Twitter. Phew!

3) It makes me think before I speak/tweet. I've been trying to learn this skill for all of my life. It just took 140 characters and a public audience to get the point across.

4) I like the nicknames it's getting from my family..."Oh hon, are you tweet-blogging right now?", or, "Hey, if I tweet it to you will you finally listen to what I'm saying?", or, "Hey, you could chirp about that!"

5) I like playing the you-follow-me, I-follow-you game. It's sort of like TAG, you're it! Totally kindergarten, but totally fun.

6) I like the fact that Duke's Waikiki is on twitter with 500+ followers. I want to go there and hang out with the person at the restaurant who is tweeting, and try the mai tai, and then tweet-blog about it.

7) It gives blogging a little more BAM (We should tell that to Emeril, is he on Twitter?) because you can shout out all that great stuff you are reading online.

8) It gives me a reason to forget to login to Facebook and see all of those people I haven't seen in years and was never supposed to see again until Facebook was invented.

9) It gives me another list to write about besides the Top Ten Reasons I'm Still Blogging.

10) Oh, Twiddle de dee! Twop it! Oh, this is Twazy! This Twitter stuff...well, I'm just totally Twaddicted. So there.


Carolina said...

Great list. Yes twitter, it was hard getting used to it, but now it's a breeze. Now I have to find Duke's, and waste some more time.

Tiffany T said...

How funny! I'm certain I'll begin my addiction soon, but I haven't found the time to cram another addiction into my lifestyle. As it is, I've managed to avoid the Facebook addiction. The only reason I love Facebook is because so many of my friends and family are on it, so I don't have to mass e-mail updates on pictures. Now, I have the "you need to get on Facebook" excuse for why someone hasn't seen the latest pics of the kids.