March 19, 2009

Right in Your Own Backyard

It's possible that some of us in California might just be coming out of hibernation. We are in the transition period from winter to spring, stretching out of our cubby holes to see what's coming next.

But before I make the leap into next quarter, the quarter that is going to cycle me through spring/summer/fall faster than I can blink, I'm going to stop time, just for a moment.

Winter might have been dreary and wet, but most of all, it was SLOW. It was slow enough to have time for friends. It was slow enough to BE available when the kids wanted to go to the local park and play. It was slow enough to get caught up on a year's worth of record-keeping and house projects. It was slow enough to remember to write thank you notes. It was slow enough to visit the local museums and libraries. It was slow enough to notice everything we have available to us, right in our own backyards.

While I look forward to what's coming up in the rest of the year, it's Winter, in its brisk, muddy way, that got me grounded.

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Tiffany T said...

Oh man, slowing down is the key. I remember just this year in February I was thinking, OMG! Where did November 2008 go? Sometimes we get stuck in our schedule rut, and we forget to appreciate.

Thanks, Lorraine!