March 31, 2009

Edible Activity for Kids

"My Food Rainbow Helps Me Grow!" That's what we told the preschoolers at St. Matthias Preschool as part of Health week. Developed by fellow mom friend who works in the wellness industry, we toted a bunch of colorful fruits and vegatables to show the kids. We spoke about serving sizes being the size of your hand, and how five servings of fruits and veggies per day can help you grow up to be big and strong. Pretty simple message, but the kids loved it!

After we made a large rainbow prototype as a class, we had each child go to their seats to build edible rainbows on placemats colored earlier that week. They chose from grapes, corn, broccoli, oranges, peppers, blueberries and strawberries. The best part was seeing the children eat the fruits of their labor! Now, if we can only get that preschool garden planted!


Tiffany T said...

Wait... I'm confused. Under which color is my ice cream with chocolate chunks, whipped cream and caramel? I suppose the black and brown portions of the rainbow were hidden from view?

No matter. As long as my Skittles made the list.

Carolina said...

the rainbow totally works for helping kids remember what food to eat, now if i could just remember to do it everyday at home. I seem to only manage a colorful meal once a day. :(

MudslideMama said...

What a beautiful, creative idea! I bet it works a lot better than my tired attempts at "eat this broccoli, and then you can put as much butter on your mashed potatoes as you want" trick.

penandview said...

this is such a great idea! My kids are 9 and 6 but they'd still love to do this! And I'd like to echo what Tiffany said above--where does chocolate go? Perhaps the POT of gold of which the rainbow empties into?