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Privacy Policy for My Busy Kit's Mobile Apps

Contact Information:
Name: Lorraine Akemann
Business: My Busy Kit | California
Website: My Busy Kit

My Little Suitcase
Snow Wonder

Privacy Policy (written June 24th, 2013)

My apps are made for children and I take your privacy seriously. The latest versions of the apps provide no way for users to exit the app aside from either crashing it or pressing the home button. I do not collect data from these apps for any purpose. I do not integrate any advertising networks, nor social media, nor purchasing, nor data tracking / analytics, nor user registration. Nothing.

The apps are free because I no longer update them. Creating them was a joint venture between some neighbors and friends who have since moved on to do other things. The apps will sit here until I learn to update them myself, or until a new version of iOS makes them obsolete.

During 2011/2012 I transferred these apps to another developer in my network, so he could house them while I was busy growing the "Moms With Apps" network. As of June 2013, they are listed back under my own Apple developer account, which I just reactivated.

If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out to me at

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